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silicone sponge rubber

Technical Data

The given values are typical properties and are provided for information only. They should not be used to set specification requirements. It is up to the end user to determine whether the material is suitable for the intended application.


Compression Deflection (psi @ 75% original thickness)6-14
Maximum Density (lbs./
Compression set (% original deflection, max.)60%
Low Temperature Brittle Point (ºF)-130ºF
Cell Structure Closed
Surface Skin Fine Fabric
Material Silicone
TypeClosed Cell Sponge
Durometer Medium
ColorStandard in Red (other colors available upon request)
Thickness0.031 in.
Size12" x 12"
Density Under 1/4" Thick 0.020 lbs/in³
Max. Density Under 1/4" Thick 0.025 lbs/in³
Density Over 1/4" Thick 0.018 lbs/in³
Max. Density Over 1/4" Thick 0.020 lbs/in³
Compression Deflection 11 psi
Compression Set, 22 hrs @ 212ºF 29
Max. Compression Set, 22 hrs @ 212ºF 60%
Temperature Range -103ºF to 450ºF
UV / Ozone Resistance Excellent
Approx. Dielectric Strength 150 V/mil
Max. Water Absorption 5%
Tensile Strength 100 psi
Elongation 200%
Thermal Conductivity 0.6 in./hr ft²/ºF
Density, lbs/cubic in. Under 1/4" thick ASTMD 1056
Density, lbs/cubic in. Over 1/4" thick ASTMD 1056
Compression Deflection, PSI ASTMD 575
Compression Set, 22 hrs @ 212ºF ASTMD 395
Brittle Point ºF ASTMD 746
Temperature Range ºF ASTMD 573
Water Absorption ASTMD 471
Tensile Strength, PSI ASTMD 412V
Elongation, % ASTMD 412
Thermal Conductivity BTU in./hr. ft2 ºF ASTMF 433