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silicone sponge rubber



We have been a U.S. Manufacturer and Leading Producer
of Silicone Elastomers since 1965


SILICONE SPONGE is the preferred choice of the healthcare industry
as well as a large number of industrial applications in the
automotive, electronics, and lighting sectors.

Silicone has been with us since 1944, and has gone through hundreds of improvements. Originally sacrificing physical strength and elongation, we now have a large variety of compounds available which provide resistance to a broad range of temperatures with excellent electrometric physical properties.


closed cell silicone sponge squares SILICONE SPONGE RUBBER SHEETS

Our closed-cell, silicone sponge sheet is manufactured to AMS and MIL specification. Density can be selected to meet specific requirements for low-closure load seals.

36″ x 36″ and 24″ x 24″ sheets in 1/16″ though 5/8″ thickness standard in red, and other colors are available upon request. Most sizes and specifications are in stock for immediate delivery. Several sizes are available in roll form as well.



Extreme high- and low-temperature capability.
Easy compressibility for applications requiring a lower closure sealing force.
Silicone sponge is closed-cell, minimizing water absorption.
UV / Ozone resistant.


SILICONE RUBBER provides the maximum in reliability — whether exposed to adverse environmental conditions, stored for indefinite periods, or used under normal conditions. Resisting conditions which normally cause rubber to deteriorate, silicone rubber offers a useful life which is unmatched by other known elastomers. It resists temperature extremes, ozone, corona, radiation, moisture, compression set, weathering, and chemical attack.



When comparing elastomers for an application, one should not only consider the physical requirements. The total cost (or the cost of the part including purchase price, installation, maintenance, and service life) should also be considered. Many elastomers are available at a much lesser cost than silicone, but fail to provide the end user reliability and durability over an extended period of time. Users should consider the total cost package when selecting or specifying silicone rubber parts for their application.


Silicone sponge is an excellent material for gasketing applications that require a soft compressible material. It is resistant to extreme temperatures and offers good compression set. Our Series 1120 and Series 1125 sponge is medium density which is the most popular.



The given values are typical properties and are provided for information only. They should not be used to set specification requirements. It is up to the end user to determine whether the material is suitable for the intended application.

closed cell silicone sponge rounds